[Samba] convertSambaAccount from non-PDC to non-PDC

Jason Joines joines at bus.okstate.edu
Wed Jun 23 15:23:04 GMT 2004

	I've been using Samba 2.x authenticating UNIX and Samba users to 
OpenLDAP 2.0.x fro quite some time.  Now I need to upgrade OpenLDAP to 
2.2.x and Samba to 3.0.x.  Although I've been using OpenLDAP with the 
old samba schema to authenticate Samba users, I did not have a PDC set 
up.  Now when I try to use the convertSambaAccount script to move to the 
new Samba schema it says "You must provide a domain sid".  The Samba 
documentation told me how to get the sid from my PDC but I don't have a PDC?
	Any suggestions?



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