[Samba] ACL + XFS + SAMBA 3.0.4 + OpenLdap + PDC - permissions problem

Xavier x.poirier at free.fr
Wed Jun 23 15:08:18 GMT 2004


I've recently set up a SAMBA/PDC domain controler with LDAP.
My homes shares are in a XFS quota/acl enabled filesystem

setfacl/getfacl works onto the linux Mandrake 9.2 box well, I mean user with
more permissions set into ACL can write to the directory concerned.

My problem is that ACL file permissions seems to not be readed by Samba when
accessing files with a w2k box.

here is more details :

Share : /home/test

getfacl : 

#file: test
#owner: root
#group: test

smb.conf :

nt acl support = yes 

 force group = test
 inherit permissions = yes
 inherit acls = yes
 hide files = /.*
 browseable = no  

is this correct for acl to works ?
someone in a thread may have had into smb.conf : writeable = yes , but with this
option everyone seems can write to the share (acl bypassed) !

any samba/acl guru man with an idea here ?

mailto: x.poirier at free.fr

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