[Samba] Having an entry for root in LDAP

Dan Hill dwh6 at cwru.edu
Wed Jun 23 12:15:04 GMT 2004

Hello all.

I am not quite sure why the following is necessary, as I have not read
anywhere that it is.

I have setup a Samba 3.0.4 PDC using OpenLDAP 2.1.22 on Mandrake 9.2. 
In order for me to add machines to the domain, I have to have fake root 
(uid != 0) entry in LDAP with the same password as Administrator.  Maybe 
I missed it somewhere, but is this the way it is supposed to be?  I have 
changed the uid of Administrator to 0, which I thought was supposed to 
take care of it as well as username mapping the 'root = Administrator, 

Can any of you share some insight?

Thanks all!


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