[Samba] Very dumb question

Tony Whitmore tonywhitmore at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 22 19:39:45 GMT 2004

mbc at reisonline.com wrote:
>>Maybe this is crayziness, but...
>>is there a way through some smb.conf script, or any other mean than
>>installing a graphical interface in the server, as my users are lobying me
>>:P, to a user of a domain records a data CD with data from the Samba
>>shares ?
> Huh?

I think what he's trying to say is:

"It is possible for a Domain user to record a data CD containing data 
from the Samba shares [on my Samba server]? I would like to avoid 
installing a GUI on the server, although my users are lobbying me to 
provide one. Perhaps there is a way this can be done using a script of 
some sort?"

Why burning a CD containing data from a Samba server is causing a 
problem is unclear, however ;)


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