[Samba] File locking from Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)

P. K. Chan, Esq. h0001716 at eee.hku.hk
Tue Jun 22 13:36:36 GMT 2004

> My guess would be that it's a bug in the finder implimentation of
> SMB.  Try installing the samba utilities on your ibook (they're
> probably already there) and then mounting the filesystem (as opposed
> to just browsing the network).  I'd bet locking works then.  Then> you
can just mount/unmount the volume when you need to use it.

        I have tried this:

sudo mount_smbfs //username at server/share /mnt/

        It's the same as mounting it using Finder (ie unable to lock the
opend file).


P. K.

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