[Samba] Updating Samba via Diffs file

Matthew Koster MKoster at intldata.ca
Tue Jun 22 13:13:57 GMT 2004

Ok, currently I am running samba 3.0.2a, it runs fine except for the 
password changing, My test machine works fine because it does not have the 
MS security patch that effected the changing of the passwords.  I am aware 
that Samba 3.0.4 corrects this situation, however, I am running mandrake 10 
with the use of Webmin.  It installs Samba in different directories and I 
would like to keep that structure.  I tried installing 3.0.4 manualy, (after 
uninstalling 3.0.2a) and I could not get the Group mappings to work ("cs" 
local group = "CS" Domain group) SO I would like to attempt to "update" the 
samba already installed.  But how do I do that? I have the diffs files but 
do no know how to install them.


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