[Samba] problems with homes share

Martin Ferguson martin at mve.com
Mon Jun 21 14:16:26 GMT 2004


I am currently setting up samba on a network which on the UNIX side has NIS
user's home dirs under a /homes automount - not quite sure why, but they are
and this I can't change just now.

I therefore need to share the home accounts under a shared samba called
homes, this of course plays havoc with the intended functionality of the
homes share.

I end up with a share called homes which allows the users to browse all home
accounts, which is fine.

I also get a share which mirrors the above share, however instead of the
homes path it uses to username of the user connecting to the share,

I'd like to completely turn off the latter share, or have homes have homes
behave in the way it should as well as allowing the homes\all-users share.

My smb.conf entry of homes look like

   path = /homes
   comment = Homes Directories
   browseable = yes
   writable = yes
   create mode = 0664
   directory mode = 0775
   case sensitive = yes
   preserve case = yes

Any help much appreciated, although I fear the only answer will be to change
the NIS accounts to /home.


p.s. no idea why the original sys admin set-up the NIS accounts on /homes.

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