[Samba] join windows2003 server to samba 3.0.4 PDC

Brecht Samyn Brecht.Samyn at kulak.ac.be
Mon Jun 21 14:01:58 GMT 2004


Does anyone ever joined a win2k3 server to a domain on a Samba PDC (3.0.4)?
This doesn't work for me.

I have 2 windows2003 servers which joined the domain on a samba 2.2.8 
server, and after migration to samba 3.0.4 (ldap as backend) they keep 

But now I want to join a new server, and that doesn't succeed.

First, I get an error "incorrect username or password" (translated from 
dutch), when trying to join. I can get rid of this message (and get a 
"Welcome to domain" message) when I first connect to a share on the 
server with the "root" user/pwd , and then disconnect that share and 
join the machine.
But after reboot, the domain is "not found".

BTW, adding a WinXP machine (with the same name, same LDAP-record) does 

some parameters in smb.conf:
  server signing = auto
  server schannel = auto
  client schannel = auto
  client signing = auto
  passdb backend = ldapsam:ldap://blabla.domain.com

Any idea's?


Brecht Samyn,      Systeemgroep
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Campus Kortrijk (KULAK)
tel. ++32 56 246 264

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