[Samba] multiple passdb backends: ldaps for users, everything else locally?

Marc Petitmermet petitmermet at mat.ethz.ch
Mon Jun 21 13:57:54 GMT 2004

> In your situation, you can't modify the users' entries in LDAP to add 
> the samba information either I would guess.


> For this type of a situation, use either the password file (is the 
> option smbpasswd?) or tdbsam. You don't need to specify that ldap is 
> involved at all.

no. i want the users authenticate against the central ldap and not a 
local database/file. i don't want to maintain the username and 
passwords myself; this information is already available in the ldap and 
many other systems/programs rely on these informations in the ldap 
(almost single-sign-on). why do this twice?


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