[Samba] 2 x Samba PDC with LDAP

Bousquet Francois Francois.Bousquet at cgi.ca
Mon Jun 21 13:37:18 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

I am trying to setup a centralized authentification for both Unix (Solaris
7, 8 & 9) and NT4/2000 servers located in 4 different DMZ.  I am searching
for a native solution on both Unix and Windows platform.

LDAP is giving me this possibility with Unix (Solaris) but for Windows I
have no choice but to use a PDC.  But the use of this type of technology
(PDC) between DMZ is not a good idea, because the number of port to open
would nullify the DMZ security.

So, I am looking to create a Samba PDC in each DMZ that would connect to a
centralized LDAP server.

Is is possible to connect 4 Samba PDC to the same LDAP server and that all
PDC serve the same usernames and password ?  Maybe BDC would help in this
case, but they would not be able to connect to the PDC directly because of
the DMZ, that's why I was looking for PDC.

Thank you

François Bousquet
Counselor - Unix System Administrator
Email : Francois.Bousquet at CGI.ca

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