AW: AW: [Samba] How to use the "profiles" - command ?

Dirk Hennrichs dirk.hennrichs at
Mon Jun 21 11:22:10 GMT 2004

Did it, but no success. With the net setlocalsid command I gave the new
samba pdc the same SID as the nt4.0 pdc. Then with the net rpc vampire
command I got all groups, users and machine accounts.

With the getsid.exe I compared the SID of one user in the old and the new
domain, gave the following:

Old nt.dom S-1-5-21-769206236-1491818955-1307212239-3008
New samba.dom S-1-5-21-769206236-1491818955-1307212239-1925

The last 4 numbers are different and so, logging in the nt workstation the
user got a new profile and uses not the old of the nt.dom.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh ;-)

Any more hints for me ?



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Ok, but if you want to migrate from an NT server to Samba, then the only 
thing you need to do is to join the NT servers domain and then do a net 
getlocalsid DOMAINNAME, and after that a net setlocalsid on your Samba 
box, and don't forget to do a net rpc vampire, to "suck out" your 
existing NT accounts.
Having the same SID as before ensures, that the SIDs stored in profiles 
are the same, as they should after the DOMAIN_SID-RID operation.



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