[Samba] acl management

éric le hénaff eric.le.henaff at ens.fr
Mon Jun 21 10:15:19 GMT 2004

Hello list,
I installed a domain member server with linux debian sarge and samba 3.02a
as fileserver. I experimented with an ext3 with acl extension filesystem
partition and with an xfs partition.
I'm trying to do so that the file and directory management is as similar as
possible as with a windows file server, but i dont manage to do it.
My firm's technicians are used to manage windows file server and i dont want
them to change their habits. I dont want them to have to learn linux. i want
them to do their management form the pdc as they use to do with dialog
i have two problems :
when i create a user whith the users manager and try to add him, i have this
message : "it wasnt possible to create the base directory,
\\bulle\users\paul. The user account was added. You must manually create the
base directory."
ok.. if i cant do it that way i could prepare a model of base directory with
the acls list i want and copy it each time i have to add a new user ??..
but when i try to do that i encounter the second problem :
acls are not copied when i copy the directory from the windows gui.
acls are not copied either when i type on the linux prompt : # cp -r paul/
but are copied with the -p modifier.
Anyway, i want the technicians to do it with the windows interface.
Do you think of a way to solve both problems ?


Centre de Ressources Informatiques
Ecole Normale Supérieure

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