[Samba] Printer access errors

Nash Computer Technology nashcom at btinternet.com
Sun Jun 20 23:08:56 GMT 2004


I'm set up Samba on a UnixWare 7.1.3 server, and had configured the printer shares.  
They're all global in the [printers] section.  When I log in at a Windows XP PC as root, 
I'm able to print to all the printers.  However, when I try to add a new printer or look at 
the print queue on the Windows client side as a different user, I see 'Access denied, 
unable to connect' as part of the printer name.  However, sometimes I can print to the 
printer.  I'm a bit confused.  I assume it could be a Samba or a UnixWare thing.  The 
pertinent lines in my smb.conf are

  security = user
   printcap name = lpstat
   load printers = yes

  comment = All printers
path = /var/spool/samba   (directory has drwxdrwxdrwxt permissions)
  browseable = no
   printable = yes
  print command = /usr/ucb/lpr -P %p -h -r %s  (file has rx rx rx permissions)

I've tried adding 'valid users = @office' for users in the office group

When I login into UnixWare as the user (non root) I can send jobs to the Unix print 

Any idea what's causing this message? 

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