[Samba] Replacing a W2K box with a Samba box

Alex Forrow alex-mailinglists at forrow.com
Sun Jun 20 18:52:50 GMT 2004

Yeh Samba can do all that you want, but I believe you will have to get rid  
of Active Directory, because Samba cannot host it, only join it. So you  
will have to use a good old NT style domain.

You can setup Samba for domain logons, and as long as the adm file is not  
too new, you can use the NT policy editor to generate .pol files to use.  
Check out the policies section on my site @ http://forrow.com/nova if you  
have problems with the new win2k ADM files.

This setup will allow for roaming profiles to be used, which is what you  
are looking for.

Hope this helps

Alex Forrow

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 13:36:08 -0400, Marteen <marteen at lugmen.org.ar> wrote:

> I need to replace a Windows 2000 Server with a Samba box.
> The W2K is the only domain controller in the network and it runs Active
> Directory.
> I know the Samba-3 limitations as an Active Directory Domain Controller,
> but I don't need absolutely all the features.
> What I would ideally need is:
> * Single Sign On
> * .adm policy files support (for client security and use restrictions -
> clients are WinXP machines)
> * Remote profile loading (or whatever it is named - that feature where
> the client's desktop icons are loaded from the server)
> It's kind of imperative for me to replace the darn w2k, so if some
> compromises have to be made in terms of features and usability, I'll do
> it (Read: I don't mind losing or trading some mentioned features).
> What do you suggest? :-)
> Thanks in advance,

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