[Samba] Is this possible? (syncing users between a system withsamba 3 on and a win2k3 server)

Mark Casey mark at zardoz.co.uk
Sat Jun 19 21:30:41 GMT 2004

Well, the gentoo mention was a joke. (the loving compile times remark)

Are there any good books on the subject dealing with what I mentioned, as I
haven't used Samba for a few years. (probably pre 2.0)

Anyway, if I do setup any *bsd or linux servers they will be dedicated to
the task and will not have any additional programs installed.

I would most likely leave the win2k3 server as the PDC, I have heard of some
issues in the past dealing with Samba and it being a PDC.
The situation is that I want to apply the practice of least change, I don't
want to (or feel the network needs to) have a new domain controller.. Having
all machines join the new domain etc.

So, SBS won't allow a BDC?  (suppose I'll have to go and buy it then do some
tests in vmware)

What're saying is that it isn't possible currently with Samba 3 to replicate
users from win 2k3? (without some manual work, is it possible at all to
script any of it?)



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