[Samba] Is this possible? (syncing users between a system with samba 3 on and a win2k3 server)

Mark Casey mark at zardoz.co.uk
Sat Jun 19 19:46:06 GMT 2004

Okay, first a bit of background...

It looks as though I'm going to be getting a consulting job soon to replace
a guy at a company, turns out he has done something of a poor job (for
example the router login is accessible from the outside, any ip etc).

Now, the main server at this company is running Windows 2003 Server (SBS
possibly) it also acts as the email server etc
I plan to separate things a bit at the company and dedicate such tasks to
separate servers, one for email, one for webserver etc. (they had a hard
disk failure recently, the current guy didn't do the tape backups correctly
and so they lost email, webserver and pdc).
At the moment I plan to setup a linux system (either debian or gentoo.. Love
those compile times) for the email server (postfix or qmail.. Probably
postfix I have more experience with that) and have the users use imap to
access their email internally and setup squirrelmail so they can access
their work email at home. (some users often do work at home)

Here is what I want to do:

Whenever a new user (or any other currently existing users) are created on
the win 2k3 server they are replicated on the email server (same username &
password) automatically.

Is it possible to do this with Samba?

It's mostly because they'll be a good number of currently existing users on
the win 2k3 server and so when I setup the email server I don't want to be
creating a very large number of users, I'd much rather it was totally

Sorry about this being a bit long, I tried to shorten it.



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