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Sat Jun 19 00:07:22 GMT 2004

On Fri, 18 Jun 2004 17:36 , Tony Whitmore <tonywhitmore at users.sourceforge.net> sent:

>Kevin Bramblett wrote:

>versions have solved the problem.)
>The Unix Agent for BackupExec (available from Veritas' FTP server) is 
>really independant of Samba. By installing the BackupExec Agent for Unix 
>(binary only, sadly) on our Linux system (running Debian Stable with a 
>2.6.6 kernel) the server then appeared in the list of BackupExec Agents 
>in the program on the NT server. Testing showed that Unix permissions 
>were saved and restored correctly using the BackupExec Agent - something 
>that I did not think would happen had the files been restored using Samba.

I _had_ the agent running - and as said above it is samba independent - I have not found a way to just connect to the share - I hear arcserve 
could care less and connects without a hitch..

>The documentation on Vertias' website suggests that it is still not 
>possible to do differential backups from a Unix system (presumably 
>because of the lack of an archive bit.
>To get around this limitation, in the longer term I am looking at using 
>rsync to backup to either a co-located server or removable hard-drives.

this is how I solved my issue as well - and honestly, doing it this way is much more easier and redundant than tape - especially using a cp -al to 
make differential changes prior to the rsync! 

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