[Samba] Replacing a W2K box with a Samba box

Marteen marteen at lugmen.org.ar
Fri Jun 18 17:36:08 GMT 2004

I need to replace a Windows 2000 Server with a Samba box.

The W2K is the only domain controller in the network and it runs Active

I know the Samba-3 limitations as an Active Directory Domain Controller,
but I don't need absolutely all the features.

What I would ideally need is:

* Single Sign On
* .adm policy files support (for client security and use restrictions -
clients are WinXP machines)
* Remote profile loading (or whatever it is named - that feature where
the client's desktop icons are loaded from the server)

It's kind of imperative for me to replace the darn w2k, so if some
compromises have to be made in terms of features and usability, I'll do
it (Read: I don't mind losing or trading some mentioned features).

What do you suggest? :-)

Thanks in advance,

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