[Samba] BackupExec Agent on Samba

Lawrence Walton lawrence at the-penguin.otak.com
Fri Jun 18 16:45:56 GMT 2004

> Is there an improved BackupExec Unix agent available that works with
> Samba? If not, can someone tell me how to work around the lack of the
> archive bit that Linux has?  In particular, RedHat Linux 7.2 is the
> system I'm looking for help on.

The Backup exec agent works great, this is not a samba issue per se.

There is no archive bit in traditional unix / linux. 

> I found the following hints in an older version of this newsletter,
> Samba Digest, Vol. 3, Issue 34, sent March 21, 2003, that had this in
> it:
> Yes, we have been using the Linux agent for some time now on 3 of our 
> Samba servers with BackupExec 8.5 on NT. It works well, once you figure 
> out how to adjust the backup scheme to take into account the lack of an 
> archive bit, which limits the types of backups that can be done.
> This was submitted by Shawn Wright.  Andrew Barbara immediately posted a
> question about how Shawn had solved his problem, but I have found no
> reply since then.  If these people or anyone else has solved the same
> problem, please respond.
> Thanks,
> Kevin Bramblett
> -- 
The way I deal with this is full backups, or using tar and backing up
the tar file.

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