[Samba] When do i need "idmap backend = " ???

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Fri Jun 18 14:27:06 GMT 2004

okay thank you very much !!!

but i experienced, that winbind needs this parameter even when looking
up SIDs on samba PDC with LDAP backend
but this was not my question


Paul Gienger schrieb:
>> i wonder, if i don't use winbind, do i really need the parameter 
>> "idmap backend = " in smb.conf on PDCs/BDCs ???
>> those machines find their SID/UID/GID via "passdb backend ="
>> don't they?
> You are correct, the IDMAP parameters are only for when you are 
> connecting to a windows DC.  The idmap is used to map the windows SID to 
> UNIX uid.  If you are using a unix samba server as your DC the uid comes 
> from the system having every user defined wherever it gets its name 
> service info (ldap, NIS, passwd/shadow files, etc)
>> thx


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