[Samba] Lag on network using Samba

binc5 binc5 at ctech.ac.za
Fri Jun 18 13:30:08 GMT 2004

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Not usre where to find more info or what info you are looking for, but
glad to try if you give me some pointers where to look.

not sure if this helps but using Suse 9.0  with Samba  version 2.2.8a
on the file server and accessing it through a Win2000 client

I used all the default values, assigned, when using the YAST wizard
under suse, except for the change I made from user to domain security,
which seems to have solved the problem, or gotten round it at least.


>>> Holger Krull <holger.krull at gmx.de> 6/18/2004 3:14:46 PM >>>
Keith Edmunds schrieb:

>>This seems to solve the problem, would you mind explaining, what
>>the delay, and if I wanted to have user security is there a way I
>>do this without incuring the delay?
> The delay is to check for a possible exploitation bug in NT, I
believe. I'm
> not aware of any way of avoiding the delay with "security = user".

I use security=user and don't see such a delay so i'm surprised here 
(3.0.4). Do you know where to get more information about this bug 
checking? I'm curious now.

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