[Samba] configuring samba-LDAP-PDC using IDEALX tools

Jérôme Tournier jerome.tournier at idealx.com
Fri Jun 18 12:11:44 GMT 2004

Le Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 09:21:46PM -0700, abebe lsslp a ecrit:
>   failed to bind to server with dn= cn=Manager,dc=pdc,dc=wbc Error: Invalid credentials
The password you defined for cn=Manager,dc=pdc,dc=wbc is invalid. Did you
fix it with the command "smbpasswd -w your_passwd" ?

> [root at pdc root]# smbldap-passwd administrator
> No such object at /usr/sbin//smbldap_tools.pm line 189, <DATA> line 283.
be careful : the scipt and smbldap_tools.pm must be in the same directory.
And the configuration files must be located in /etc/smbldap-tools/ (unless
you change the path in smbldap_tools.pm in the function read_conf)

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