[Samba] How to keep local profiles when joining domain?

Alex Forrow alex-mailinglists at forrow.com
Fri Jun 18 10:15:03 GMT 2004

I haven't looked properly but there are lots of registry files in


One of which is called Win-2Kx-XPP-ForceLocalProfile.reg

Could be helpful


On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 23:28:25 +0100, Nash Computer Technology  
<nashcom at btinternet.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I hope someone can help…  We currently have Windows
> XP Professional PCs that logon to an old Novell Netware
> 3.12 server.  We’re just using the standard Windows
> Netware client, and each user has a Windows XP User
> account and password that matches their Novell one.
> When they logon to Windows, they are automatically
> authenticated to Novell.
> However, we are now in the final stages of deploying a
> Samba server to replace the Novell one.  The Samba
> server is configured as a Primary Domain Controller, and
> seems to be working fine.  We do not wish to use roaming
> profiles, so the profiles will be held locally on each PC.
> We wanted to test the migration of modifying the PC
> network clients to login to the new server, and have cloned
> a hard drive.  I haven’t played with this myself, but we’re
> unsure how to join the new domain, such that the existing
> profiles (eg desktop layout, applications, etc etc) are
> retained for each user.  When we simply change the PC
> properties to join the domain, we lose the users’ settings.
> For example, if we have a user named Mike who is logging
> on to our new domain of scodomain, it creates a profile
> under ‘My Documents & Settings’ named mike.scodomain.
> There is already a profile named ‘mike’.  Both users have
> administrative access on the PC.  We’ve tried creating and
> logging on as another administrative user then copying the
> contents of the profiles folder from mike to mike.scodomain
> (including hidden files), but we don’t get the settings that
> mike has.
> I’d really appreciate some pointers on this.  It must be easy
> (there again, it’s Microsoft…) I think we’ve looked at right-
> clicking on My Computer, Properties, User accounts,
> Profiles (or something like that) and copying profiles.  Also,
> the administrative tool in the Control Panel.
> David
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