[Samba] problem with all capitals 8.3 filenames

Hans B. Randgaard HBR at maerskoil.dk
Fri Jun 18 09:19:57 GMT 2004

Dear list,

After having upgraded from Samba-2.2.8a to Samba-3.0.4 I have problems
getting "short preserve case = Yes" to work properly for filenames having
only capital letters when seen from NT-4.0 explorer. A mixture of lettercase
filenames and all lowercase work fine. What I see is the following:

UNIX:                         Windows-NT:
--------                         ------------------
ALLB                   !=    Allb
ALLB.DIR             !=    Allb.dir
ALLB.TXT             !=    Allb.txt
ALLBIGXX            !=    Allbigxx
ALLBIGXX.DIR      !=    Allbigxx.dir
ALLBIGXX.TXT      !=    Allbigxx.txt
alls                      =    alls
alls.dir                  =    alls.dir
alls.txt                  =    alls.txt
allsmall                 =    allsmall
allsmall.dir             =    allsmall.dir
allsmall.txt             =    allsmall.txt
AlTbIgSm              =    AlTbIgSm
AlTbIgSm.DiR        =    AlTbIgSm.DiR
AlTbIgSm.TxT        =    AlTbIgSm.TxT
AlTbS.dIr               =    AlTbS.dIr
AlTbS.tXt               =    AlTbS.tXt
aLtSb.tXt               =    aLtSb.tXt
aLtSmBiG             =    aLtSmBiG
aLtSmBiG.dIr        =    aLtSmBiG.dIr
aLtSmBiG.tXt        =    aLtSmBiG.tXt
ONESMALl           =    ONESMALl
TBt.tXT                 =    TBt.tXT
TWobYTwo           =    TWobYTwo
TWobYTwo.DIr      =    TWobYTwo.DIr
TWobYTwo.TXt      =    TWobYTwo.TXt

Explorer on windows-XP and windows-2000 seems to show the filenames
correctly !
Also if I do a "DIR" command in a command window on windows-NT4.0 the
are shown correctly !
Explorer on windows-NT4.0 showns correct filenames on Samba-2.2.8a.

The relevant Samba configuration options are:

        display charset = LOCALE
        dos charset = CP850
        unix charset = ISO-8859-1

        mangle case = Yes
        preserve case = Yes
        short preserve case = Yes

I have tried the following options as well, but getting the same results:

#       unix charset = UTF-8
#       unix charset = LOCALE
#       unix charset = ASCII

Samba has been configured like this: ./configure -with-acl-support
and it is built and running on a Solaris-8 box.

I have the following 2 lines at the top in the startup script:


1. Have any of you seen similar behaviour ?
2. Is it a bug in Samba or libiconv ?
3. or is it windows-NT4.0 explorer that fails to communicate with
Samba-3.0.4 properly ?
4. any work-arounds ?

Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance.

Cheers, Hans.

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