[Samba] wbinfo - Missing Domain Groups

Ryan Frantz RyanFrantz at informed-llc.com
Thu Jun 17 22:26:18 GMT 2004

Has anybody found that the 'wbinfo' command does not list all groups in
a Windows domain?

Here's what's in my playground:

Windows 2000 Server SP4 PDC

RH 9 (2.4.20-6)
OpenSSL 3.8p1
MIT Kerberos 1.3.3
Samba 3.0.4

--begin 'smb.conf' snip-

   winbind separator = .
   idmap uid = 10000-20000
   idmap gid = 10000-20000
   winbind enum users = yes
   winbind enum groups = yes

   security = ads

   password server = *

;   passdb backend = tdbsam

--end 'smb.conf' snip-

As you can see, I have Samba (winbind, really) configured to enumerate
users and groups.  However, when I run 'wbinfo -g' the output does not
show all of my Windows groups.  Neither does 'getent group'.  I'm
looking for something in the Windows/domain configuration but haven't
found anything yet.

This is hindering me from deploying a Samba file server as some of those
'missing' groups own sensitive directories on our aging (Windows) file

Anyone have any ideas?


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