[Samba] Problem with symlinks

Kit Gerrits kit at gerritsaa.nl
Thu Jun 17 21:11:27 GMT 2004

This is because of the behavious of certain Office Applications (excel is
especially guilty)

It will notice that fact that another user owns the file.
To rectify this, it will delete the file and re-write it.

Because, in this case, you are using a symlink, you are deleting the symlink
(the original file stays where it is) and saving the _new file_ the same
place you had the symlink.

Unfortunately, the only solution  can think of is making a symlink to the
directory the file is in, so the file itself can me _replaced_

If you use group shares, you will also notice, that windows grants only 700
rights (full user, but no group or world rights). This can be rectified in
the smb.conf with the force create mask and force group mask settings.

Also, keep in mind, that the DOS Hidden, system and read-only attributes are
stored as unix _executable_ fags in the files. If you don't include these
flags in your file mask, they will be stripped off.

Good luck!

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Onderwerp: [Samba] Problem with symlinks

I'm using samba 3.0.4 compiled from sources on a linux box (RH 7.3).

My smb.conf contains in a share section the setting:
follow symlinks = yes

In that share I created a symlink to a local file.

When I open the symlink from Windows box (the symlink appear as a 
regular file) I access correctly the target file, but when I edit&save 
the file, sometime the symlink is deleted and a regular file with same 
name is created in place (as a duplicate of the target file).
The behaviour seem's to be Windows specific editor's dependent:
using UltraEdit all work fine, using other editors (e.g.: HTMLKit) the 
duplicated file is created...


Thanks in advance...


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