[Samba] access to subdirs of share only

Ralf Soergel soergel at swl-online.de
Thu Jun 17 19:42:41 GMT 2004

I've upgraded from 2.2.8a-SuSE PDC to 3.04-SuSE. OS is Linux 2.6, SuSE 9.1 

All users can logon correctly on all W2K domain clients and obtain their 
roaming profiles. Now particular W2K SP 4 domain client cannot access to 
the top-level of a share, WinExplorer says "Access denied". If the client 
connects to a subdir of the same share as a new drive all works fine, same 
credentials of course. The user is a "Domain Admin". Another user of 
"Domain Users" can work properly on this client.

On another W2K domain client both the "Domain Admin" and the "Domain Users" 
can work properly on the the top-level of share as well as on a separate 
connected subdir of the share.

Some idea?

Thanks, Ralf


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