[Samba] ldap + samba + group membership problem

Malte Woelky Malte.Woelky at gmx.de
Thu Jun 17 15:45:31 GMT 2004


Thursday, June 17, 2004, 4:40:06 PM, you wrote:

PG> Xavier wrote:

>>Selon Paul Gienger <pgienger at ae-solutions.com>:
>>Good !
>>thanks a lot Paul, it's a great solution.
>>I'm now very interested onto your automatic directory profile-creation.
>>It would be great to have your "login script" (anonymised) into the SAMBA source
>>distribution (into examples dir), no ?
PG> I should note however, that there is a bug with my profile directory 
PG> creation in that it brings up a very annoying error message on first 
PG> login about not being able to find the profile directory, for some 
PG> reason it either doesn't happen fast enough, or windows comes looking 
PG> for the profile directory before the netlogon preexec happens.  I'd be 
PG> more inclined to believe the latter.

PG> Would anyone who knows the order of operations on logon care to comment 
PG> on that?  It makes more sense (to me anyway) to hook the script up to 
PG> the preexec of the netlogon share, but if the access to the profile 
PG> directory comes first then maybe that is actually the right place to do it?

I'd like solve the priblem as i habe to deal with profile creation,
would it be possible to post the script, so I can improve it (if it's
possible ;-) and don't have to start from scratch.

Malte Woelky


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