[Samba] ldap + samba + group membership problem

Xavier x.poirier at free.fr
Thu Jun 17 13:44:22 GMT 2004

Hi to all,

I have recently set up a new linux serveur with SAMBA 3.0.4 + Openldap
The server is PDC , users and groups are stored into LDAP
All is working fine for the moment, I can join the domain without Pb on a W2k

but, Here is my problem :

I've some users members of differents groups and not only the "main" group.
Like user "joe" First Group : "admin" and secondary groups : "software" +
"development" + "docs"

Now, in the "netlogon" global login script that I've made : SARTUP.BAT
I would like, to affect a drive letter for the user "joe" depending on his
"groups membership" so :

net use D: \\servershare\docs (joe is group membership of "docs")
net use F: \\servershare\software (joe is group membership of "software" too)

But I've noticed in the example script of source distrib. of SAMBA (genlogon.pl)
that there is the use of %G witch is the main group of the user.

looking in the man page of smb.conf , I didn' t see a parameter identifying a
list of group membership for the user : %U

My question now is :

Has anyone had the same problem for groups membership into the login script, and
how to solve this, perhaps doing some ldap searching into the login script ?

Have a nice day



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