[Samba] Webtrends blowing up my mapping since samba upgrade

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Thu Jun 17 06:33:08 GMT 2004

I have yet another really weird possibly samba problem...  This is bizzare
This was all working before, then I rebuild my samba install..
I have a windows computer that connects, and grabs a web server access-log 
from the drive and processes it (WEBTRENDS).  

From the windows desktop I can browse the mapped drive letter, view the file, 
edit the file. 

When webtrends tries it, It says it can't find the file, then blows the 
mapping up and I have to reconnect.

Which log files on the server, and at what debug level would give me a clue to 
what is causing it?


Bill Chmura
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Explosivo ITG
Wolcott, CT

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