[Samba] Idealx programs and ldap backend

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Jun 16 17:11:27 GMT 2004

Adrian Chow wrote:

>Hi Paul,
>thanks for the reply.  
>2 questions:-
>1.  In the smbldap-useradd.pl file, there are lines that are commented out.  SInce my add machine script is only with "-w", and my with_smbpasswd variable in the smbldap_conf is =0, i found that it will only create a posix account on the ldap.  I don't see it creating the samba portion in the ldap.  Does it do it automatically?  My ldap shows that the samba portion is done automatically.  [However I think I have to join the domain 2 times for each machine.... don't know why the first time it joins it fails..  The second time succeeds.]
This sounds exactly like what I was seeing.  The first time it would 
create the posix user, but fail looking for it to modify to add the 
samba objectClass and attributes.  The second time you try to create it, 
the posix info is there, and it can find it so it proceeds to modify it 
for samba use.  I found this was happening in my situation because the 
replication wasn't happening fast enough.  I modified my sub 
add_posix_machine function to have a wait at the end:
right before the function ends.  This gave the ldif data time to come 
from our remote master server. 

>2.  Can I know what happens if my refferals is not done properly and I point my passwd backend to the ldap slave server?  Does it have an effect only when a machine joins the domain?
That I couldn't tell you for sure since our referrals have been working 
since before samba had anything to do with LDAP.  I would guess that you 
wouldn't be able to join at all, no matter how many times you try.  The 
add/modify request would never make it up to the master LDAP server.

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