[Samba] Smbclient succeeds but smbmount fails

Bollinger, John Clayton jobollin at indiana.edu
Wed Jun 16 16:35:35 GMT 2004


I can't seem to overcome an odd problem connecting to a directory share
exported by a Win2K (Pro) workstation from my RH Linux 9 system.  I was
able to accomplish this successfully with Samba 2.2.7 (using mount -t
smbfs ...).  With that configuration, however, I was unable to get
Windows clients to connect to shares exported by the Linux box, so I
upgraded to Samba 3.0.4.  Under Samba 3 I can now successfully connect
to the shares exported by the Linux box, but now I can no longer mount a
particular remote share on the Linux box via smbmount.  Oddly, however,
I can still successfully connect to the share and manipulate its
contents via smbclient.  Does that make any sense?

Here is how I'm running smbclient:

(as any user: )
$ smbclient //<host.dns.name>/<share_name> -U <user_name> -W <workgroup>

That works fine as long as I enter the correct password.  On the other
hand, I have tried a number of variations on the smbmount side, but none
have succeeded.  Here is an example that is as parallel to the above as
I can come up with:

(as root: )
$ smbmount //<host.dns.name>/share_name> /mnt/<mount_point> -o

(The ro option is because the remote share is exported read-only.)  This
prompts me for the password, and after I enter it I always receive an
error of the form:

30382: session setup failed: ERRDOS - ERRnoaccess (Access denied.) 
SMB connection failed

I am connecting to the same share, specifying the same username and
workgroup, and entering the same password, so I find the access denied
message in the latter case quite mystifying.  It's also strange that
this worked under Samba 2.2 yet fails now.  Are there configuration
options I should be looking at?  On either side?  Clearly I have a
workaround by way of smbclient, but I would really like to get smbmount
working for this.  Suggestions would be welcome.


John Bollinger
jobollin at indiana.edu

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