[Samba] Problem with symlinks

minnoce minnoce at polito.it
Wed Jun 16 15:54:47 GMT 2004

I'm using samba 3.0.4 compiled from sources on a linux box (RH 7.3).

My smb.conf contains in a share section the setting:
follow symlinks = yes

In that share I created a symlink to a local file.

When I open the symlink from Windows box (the symlink appear as a 
regular file) I access correctly the target file, but when I edit&save 
the file, sometime the symlink is deleted and a regular file with same 
name is created in place (as a duplicate of the target file).
The behaviour seem's to be Windows specific editor's dependent:
using UltraEdit all work fine, using other editors (e.g.: HTMLKit) the 
duplicated file is created...


Thanks in advance...


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