[Samba] [newbie] Linux login to NT domain

Rob Saunders rob at saunders.yourideal.co.uk
Wed Jun 16 06:58:29 GMT 2004


I've been using samba for some time now on my linux laptop, although 
only scratching the surface of it's full capabilities. I basically use 
samba for printing and accessing our domain file servers. So, I know 
relatively little about the in-depth configuration of samba

Every time I need to access a domain service I need to supply an 
authfile/usename/password to the smbmount/smbclient program. Okay, not 
too much of a problem now that I can use the authfile, I was curious 
though is it possible for samba to simply log me in to the domain just 
once as I would do in windows? When I access file shares etc... within 
Windows, I'm not prompted to authenticate myself every time.

I've seen several articles describing how to login to a domain as an 
administrator - I'm not an administrator, just a plain 'ole user. Can 
this "persistent login" be established or do the authentication 
mechanisms within windows prevent me from doing this?



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