[Samba] a better smbstatus for monitoring samba ?

Collen Blijenberg <MLHJ> systeembeheer at hermanjordan.nl
Wed Jun 16 06:50:41 GMT 2004

depends on it...
what needs to be in the tool ???
what options, and all...

(got a big holyday comming up, so got some time to crack!)

Collen Blijenberg   (Montessori Lyceum Herman Jordan)

Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 3:26:43 AM, you wrote:

JA> On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 09:56:04PM +0200, Becskei Robert wrote:
>> Hello,
>>  does anyone know if there is a tool in existence that can
>> monitor samba shares like smbstatus
>> but is much more advanced (and runs in console) , I mean a tool that has menues, some search
>> options, and things sorted out nice. A Samba realtime monitor
>> would be the best thing with lots
>> of details and lots of options.
>>  I tried Swat, but that aint really a solution to watch who is
>> connected to where, neither is smbstatus
>> since when to many people are connected you can't see in
>> realtime who is using what. And that I think
>> is one major problem.
>>  I would like to have such a tool because I'm throwing the
>> Novell File Server out and using a Whitebox 3.0EL
>> instead. I wonder,...is there such a tool like Novell Monitor
>> ... for linux ? I mean if there aint one for samba
>> maybe another tool that is more advanced would be able to view
>> who is connected to what ? what is their IP
>> adress, what time did they logged on, what is the current system status, etc...

JA> No tool I know of currently. If anyone wants to write one (maybe a gui tool
JA> written in python ?) I'd be happy to integrate it into the source code.

JA> There are lots of admin options that could be added to Samba via TDB messaging
JA> to perform admin operations - we just need programmer enthusiasm to write such
JA> a tool. Anyone game ?

JA> Jeremy.

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