[Samba] Modify but not create permissions

Bill Chmura Bill at Explosivo.com
Tue Jun 15 22:25:47 GMT 2004

I am still trying to figure out why samba wont let me create in subdirectories

I've tripple checked everything and a few things leapt out at me.

*) I can modify a file inside a directory that I cannot create a file in.  I 
did not know it was possible under linux to do that.  

*) If I set all perms on 777 I can create.  But neither 775 or 755 will allow 

*) When I go into a mount through a terminal, and I do an ls -l I get raw UID 
numbers back instead of actual owners.  Is this normal?  I could not 

The logs show me being accepted as UID 500 which is what the files and 
directories are owned by

I am still baffled by the being able to modify, but not delete or create...

Any help would be greatly appreciated at this point!


Bill Chmura

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w. http://www.explosivo.com

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