[Samba] ssh tunnelling with putty

Paul Krash codesup at alonsystems.com
Tue Jun 15 21:42:07 GMT 2004

Hi Brian!

Brian Johnson wrote:
> Could someone provide some help tunnelling a connection through a ssh pipe
> using putty on a windows 98 client to a samba server?

OK, ssh goes through port 22, mapping a drive requires ports 137 and 139
(tcp and udp) to be open and routable by Windows RPC client.

I would suggest configuring The Microsoft VPN adapter to attach to the 
server, then map your drive to samba.

You will have to have the VPN configured on the server (and both routers).

I am assuming (ah!!!) that you are trying to reach the samba server from 
outside the host network.

Of course, I could be wrong. :-)


Paul Krash

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