[Samba] Samba + MS Access

Dan Weisenstein dan at tesoro.com
Tue Jun 15 19:52:31 GMT 2004

Guess I didn't provide enough details. Each user has his/her own copy of 
the database (forms, linked tables, queries, etc.). The tables in each 
are just links to the real tables which reside on a Samba share. Yes, 
Access creates the .ldb lock file. On a Windows server, this translated 
into just one lock file per table, no matter how many users are acessing 
that table.

There is also a lock file per database, i.e. the database Customers.mdb, 
when active, has an lock file called Customers.ldb (on the local 
machine), and uses the linked database tables on the shared drive called 
SalesTables.mdb which also has a lock file called SalesTables.ldb. No 
matter how many users are accessing SalesTables.mdb on the shared drive, 
there is only one lock file. Like I said before, this all works 
flawlessly on a Windows server.

So, what I need to figure out is how to have Samba mimic exactly what 
WinXP does for permissions on a network share.


Chris Jones wrote:

>Hm its generally not a good idea to have more then 1 user inside an access
>database. It can cause data corruption. The work around for something like
>this is to do a front end/back end type system. IE put all the forms and
>reports in one database give both users or all users a copy of this then use
>linked tables to link them to the data in the background. The ldb file is
>not created by samba and so these fellas prob won't be able to help ya. I
>can't explain why it worked in XP it shouldn't have. the ldb file is
>access's locked database file meaning someone else has it open for writing.

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