[Samba] Samba + Kerberos - ADS: possible?

Rodolfo Broco Manin rmanin at ime.unicamp.br
Tue Jun 15 16:35:41 GMT 2004

Hi, All!!

I have a Windows XP client configured to use Kerberos authentication (with
a MIT KDC).  I configured it with ksetup.exe from Windows 2000 and it
works well.

Question is: can I use the kerberos tickets I got at logon time to access
the shares from our samba server, without configuring a entire AD struct
and soon?

Actually, I can access the shares, but only if my kerberos password and my
smbpasswd password are equals (that is, my Windows client is using NTLM
authentication method to access it).

Btw, I'm currently using "security = user" at samba server, and we don't
have any Windows server (and this is the issue: is possible to use
kerberos between Windows clients and Samba servers without any windows
machines at the scenario?).

Tnks in advice!!!


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