[Samba] interresting behavior

Arno Seidel aseidel at aseidel.com
Tue Jun 15 07:16:55 GMT 2004

Hi List,

i´ve a interesting problem on a samba share:


	comment = Datas for al users
	path = /space/data
	read only = no
	browse able = yes
	create mask = 0777
	force crate mask = 0777

whe i logon my samba-domain with any windows-client and create in that
share a file then the user-permisions are set to : rwx rw- rw-
and only the owner of the file can edit it. everyotherone just can read it.
the same is when on that share a folder will be createtd with a file in it.

but when i add following to lines to the share definition:

	directory mask = 0777
	force group = users

then all users can edit the file

i thought that the directory mask option is only for new folders (created by
loggedin users)

do i something wrong with my permissions?
i´ve tested it on my own selfcompiled samba 3.0.0
and the shipped version from SuSE 9.0 (2.??) and its the same behavior.


Arno Seidel

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