[Samba] which XP clients registry hacks are necessary now?

Scott Serr serrs at theserrs.net
Tue Jun 15 01:03:04 GMT 2004

I've read alot of dated material about various registry hacks to make 
various patch levels of XP Clients work.

Is there a URL that keeps this up to date?  I know it seems with each 
release of Samba there are less hacks necessary on XP Clients but there 
doesn't seems to be a definitive list.  Also with each new XP patch, 
there is a potential of needing more hacks.

If there isn't a source for this information can someone give me their 
best guess?  Latest Samba (3.0.4) and latest XP upgrades (SP1 with all 
windows updates til now).


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