[Samba] [3.0.4] Problem with strange characters in file names

Paul Espinosa pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
Mon Jun 14 20:26:19 GMT 2004

I had this problem also.  I added:

	Dos charset = 850
	Unix charset = ISO8859-1

To my smb.conf and it cleared it up.

Paul Espinosa
pespinosa at sunflowerbroadband.com
IT Supervisor
The World Company

.----[ Martin Hermanowski wrote ]----
|  Hi,
|  I'm using samba 3.0.4, with XP clients and server-side-profiles.
|  Sometimes, my users save bookmarks with strange characters in them.
|  These files are saved flawlessly on the server, but Windows is unable to
|  copy them back to the local profile, and so the user can not log in.
|  I'm using a iso8859-15 charset.
|  I hope this is not a common question, I looked in the archive but I had
|  been unable to find a similar one.
|  One example for a strange characters is in the title of the home page of
|  the US Department of State (http://www.state.gov/), in firebird, it is
|  shown as \2013, on the linux server, is is shown as `^S'.
|  Is there any way I could modify change these characters to spaces, or
|  any other solution?
|  LLAP, Martin

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