[Samba] Samba, LDAP and machine account weirdness....

Chris Bshaw cwbshaw at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 14 15:26:45 GMT 2004


Thanx for the reply....I am now using 3.0.4.

A few questions tho'....see below:

>No, machines will change their password regularly.  I noticed this
>issue, and added a check/hack to make such a change (which does not
>actually change the password) a no-op.

Is the change interval set anywhere (eg: in the registry)?

Is it always 15 mins? (as I was seeing).

Also, if I were using a local smbpasswd file (and I had not upgraded to 
3.0.4) does this mean that the machine account entries would be regularly 
updated in this file?

Or is the 'phenomenon' restricted only to Samba + LDAP?

Thanx for your help.


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