[Samba] strange copy speed

Götz Reinicke goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de
Mon Jun 14 12:04:40 GMT 2004

Imre, Nagy Jr. schrieb:

>>To copy the files on the server from the client tooks also about 40
>>To copy the files on the server beeing loged in by ssh tooks about 2 sec.
>>Anny ideas what could be wrong??
> I might be wrong, but asymetric speed is most often caused by improper 
> auto-negotation. Try to set speed on interfaces manually if You can do so.


I don't think that this could be the problem, because if I copy the same
files from the same client to the same server using netatalk on the
server side or using scp gives me the same speed in both directions (+-
5 sec./100MB)



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