[Samba] Win XP can't join Domain with 3.0.4 and OpenLDAP

Jason C. Waters jwaters at h2os.com
Sat Jun 12 17:25:36 GMT 2004

Does administrator have a uid of 0?  If not try joining the domain with 
root instead of administrator.  Did you create a machine account? 
(smbpasswd -a -m machinename$)?

Nicole M. Elkevizth wrote:

>I have a samba server setup as a PDC and a LDAP back-end. When I try to
>join the domain I receive a "Permission Denied" error. From the best of
>my knowledge it appears that the problem is the authentication for the
>administrator being able to join a Workstation to the Domain. The
>administrator is set up in the "Domain Admins" group (512) and the group
>is mapped to the root group in Linux. Any ideas on possible setup
>problems? Thanks.

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