[Samba] CIFS problem with folder mounted drives

Nicholas York nvy78 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 11 19:05:20 GMT 2004

Having an issue with the CIFS VFS module.  One of our fileserver has a 
directory structure with hard drives mounted into that directory structure, 
so -->

C:\volumes\case\1 is a hard drive
C:\volumes\case\2 is a hard drive

If I share out and mount up the volumes folder, I can see the case folder, 
and if I navigate into that folder it shows '1' and '2' as links to nothing 
and the data which is mounted there is inaccessible.  This works fine on 
SMBfs (i can navigate into the '1' folder and see the data there).  I can 
manually mount up C:\volumes\case\1 into my directory hierarchy and that 
works, however there are too many volumes to mount them all manually.  Is 
there an easy fix for this, or should I just use SMBfs?



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