[Samba] Trying to 'Upgrade' to Samba 3.0 on RedHat Enterprise 3.0

joe.morin at dominiondiagnostics.com joe.morin at dominiondiagnostics.com
Fri Jun 11 17:43:53 GMT 2004

Here's my situation:
I currently have Samba (v. 2.2.7) running on RedHat 7.3, configured as a 
Domain Controller.  Users are logging into the domain and everything is 
working fine.
I must 'upgrade' to RedHat Enterprise Linux ES 3.0.  I say 'upgrade', but 
what I actually have to do is a complete OS install, NOT an upgrade (there 
is no upgrade path to RHEL3.0 from anything other than RHEL2.x).
What this means is that I have to reinstall Samba and configure it.  I 
will be using Samba 3.0.0-14.3E (a Redhat rpm).

I would like this to be seamless to the end users, i.e. if at all possible 
I don't want to have to go to each PC and disjoin the old Domain and join 
the new one (they will be named the same thing).  I will be using the same 
physical server, but in effect it will be a new server, new OS, new 
version of Samba.
I would like to 'migrate' the old accounts (user and machine) to the new 
Is this possible????

I have set up an instance of Samba 3 on a RedHat Enterprise Linux server 
in a testing environment, and configured it as a Domain Controller.
I have successfully added a machine to the Domain and have been able to 
log in.

My problem arises when I try to 'migrate' a machine (PC) to the testing 

These are the steps I followed:
1. copied the machine account entries from the 'old' /etc/passwd file and 
added them to the test server.
2. copied the /etc/shadow entries to the test server
3. copied the /etc/group entries
4. copied the /etc/gshadow entries
5. copied the /etc/samba/smbpasswd entries to the /etc/samba/smbpasswd 
file on the test server. (I'm using smbpasswd for the password backend for 

I have configured the test server with the same domain name as the 
original (it's on it's own private network).
I am able to join the domain and login (new account).
But if I take a PC from the original Domain and connect it to the test 
network and reboot the machine, I get an error stating that it can't find 
the domain even though the machine has a linux account and a samba account 
(both copied from the old Domain). 

I know I'm missing something, but I can't figure out what it is.
Perhaps it's a setting on the PC? 
Again, if I disjoin the old Domain (by joining the 'workgroup') then join 
the new domain, that works (so I'm creating machine accounts 'on the fly' 
without a problem).

Is this possible? Can I 'migrate' PC's from one Domain to another (with 
the same name) ??

Thanks for any and all help!

Joseph Morin

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