[Samba] Invalid workgroup name in browse list

mike at jurney.org mike at jurney.org
Fri Jun 11 15:01:18 GMT 2004

On my PDC, which is also the DMB, there is a duplicate entry for a trusted
domain that is run on an AD controller on the same ethernet segment.  The
duplicate, though, has several spaces after the name (from browse.dat):

"BROADWAY"                80001000 "CALIMERO"                    "BROADWAY"
"BROADWAY       "         80001000 "CALIMERO"                    "BROADWAY       "

When I set enhanced browsing to no on the DMB and restart, the duplicate
goes away.  When I set it back to yes and restart, it shows up
immediately.  What could be causing this?

Michael D. Jurney
mike at jurney.org

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