searchable ml archives [was Re: [Samba] Fixed it myself... (ldap/winbind)]

Paul Gienger pgienger at
Fri Jun 11 14:15:08 GMT 2004

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

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> Paul Gienger wrote:
> |
> | Just because someone doesn't search the archives, which
> | by the way, doesn't have a search feature, ....
> For what's it's worth (from
>     Note: Currently the Samba mailing list archives
>     do not support searching. However, you can access
>     a searchable copy of the archives at
>     and

Consider my crow eaten on that one.  The 'no built in search' is a 
complaint I have of many mailman archives, but apparently someone has 
done an end-around on my complaint...

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