[Samba] (vfs) executing scripts when creating/deleting directories

Michael Wyraz michael.wyraz at evermind.de
Fri Jun 11 13:12:10 GMT 2004


I'm looking for a way to execute a shell script when a directory is 
I found samba-fu (http://acsys.anu.edu.au/~tpot/samba-fu/), a vfs module 
which can do this
but it's very old (last updated 1999) and will not compile against a 
recent version of samba (2.2.x
or 3.0.x).

Is there a way to do this whith the actual samba? Did anybody wrote such 
a vfs module?
The VFS tutorial sayed that this would be an advanced exercise but i 
don't habe enough
knowledge in c/c++ to do it.

The thing i'd like to do with the script is:

* when creating a directory, the script should be executed
* when the script finds, all conditions are fine, the directory should 
be created and the
script should make som symlinks
* when something is wrong, the user should be notified (is it possible 
with vfs to
send a custom fail message? if not, i'll use winpopup) and the directory 
not be created.
* when deleting a directory the symlinks to it should be deleted

The script is no problem at all. I hope, you can help me with the samba 
part of that problem.

Thanks a lot,

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